Executive Coaching Process

Adeline takes the uniqueness of each assignment as her starting point. She then overlays her methods and customizes them to focus closely upon the real-world needs and priorities of her clients.

The coaching engagement focuses on the individual. The sponsor, if there is one, of the program provides a list of the objectives which become the roadmap, but the coaching is individualized and can have lots of twist and turns. The organization paying for the coaching services is actively kept informed of the value it is receiving for services. The support of the company is critical to the success of the engagement. Improving the alignment between executive and the organizational value system is always present with Adeline.

An executive coaching engagement can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months depending on the clients availability and desired results.

Executive Coaching Process in Three Phases

Coaching Sessions – plus 2 “Check-ins” with Clients Manager


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