Non-profit Organizations

Adeline understands the balance between mission and the underlying economics of carrying out the mission and helps you achieve a successful equilibrium.

hands_treeAdeline has worked with and for national and local non-profit organizations as well as being an active Board of Trustee member of non-profit organizations. She understands the unique challenges of non-profit organizations in this day of economic volatility and uncertainty and the serious competition for funding. Non-profits are continuously under scrutiny as choices are made by foundations and individuals about what causes and which organizations to support. Adeline works with non-profits to:

  • Align a mission based organization with a financially viable strategy
  • Develop ¬†winning fundraising strategies and plans
  • Facilitate Board of Director effectiveness and growth and talent balance
  • Identify and execute collaborative partnerships
  • Facilitates meetings and board events
  • Executive Coaching and Team Coaching

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